Rafael Baffini

Creative director, musician, marketing and communications professional, diy guitar builder, and passionate dad.

Rafael Baffini

Creative director, musician, marketing and communications professional, diy guitar builder, and passionate dad.


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Video created for Joe Louis Bourbon 2020 holiday campaign. Story, editing, and soundtrack by Rafael Baffini.

3D Modelling and Animation

My favourite way to bring ideas to life! If you need to showcase your product, pitch your ideas to investors, or you simply want to make your videos stand out, 3D animation is the way to go! This is also a great resource to illustrate educational content with videos sequences that would be impossible or hard to be shot in real life.

This is an example of a model of a guitar part (a 3-way switch toggle) that I modelled and animated to use on my upcoming video series about guitar wiring. This piece is small, reflective and doesn’t stand by itself, which makes it quite hard to capture with a camera.

On my video I will mix real footage with 3D animation to better explain how this piece works and how to properly install it on a guitar.

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Content creation

Fallow me on social media to watch my performance videos, instructional content, and more.  

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More videos are available on my social media channels.

More videos

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Video created to promote the Pedometer Challenge to Canadian Armed Forces members. Editing and footage* by Rafael Baffini.

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Virtual fitness class to Canadian Armed Forces members. Editing by Rafael Baffini.

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Virtual fitness class to Canadian Armed Forces members. Editing by Rafael Baffini

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Video created to promote recreation programs available for Canadian Armed Forces members. Editing and footage* by Rafael Baffini.

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Video created to promote CAF (Canadian Armed Forces ) Sports Day 2020. Text, editing, and sound track by Rafael Baffini.

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Video created to promote military housing for Canadian Armed Forces members posted to Ottawa. Editing and footage* by Rafael Baffini.

* Footage of PSP employees and facilities. Additional stock footage was added to the final composition. 

Before vs after comparison

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audio matters the most

When it is time to deliver your message through video content, audio quality is what matters the most. If the audio quality of your videos doesn’t meet the right standards, your audience will feel very discouraged from watching your content, or they may even not understand you at all.

There are many reasons why the quality of the audio recorded during a footage shooting session may be compromised, such as lack of proper equipment or training, excessive background noise, and so on. In any case, I can help you to increase the quality of your recorded audio thanks to our professional grade digital audio workstations, best in class plugins, and years of experience in audio and video production. Watch the following video and hear the difference in audio quality at every step of our audio production process.


Rafael Baffini performing at Citibank Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Demos and collaborations with other artists


My duet with @salvosongs. This is my production for her amazing acappella "Feel You". #producer #groove #guitar #bass #feelyou #newsong #duet #collab

♬ som original - Baffini Guitar

I created guitar arrangements, and performed the guitar on this piece of music.
Song by Felix Wunderer

I produced this demo song, arranged, and performed all of the instruments based on the melody provided by the songwriter.
Song by Hannah Ravyn Mancini

Before vs after comparison

I love to help other artists to get the best from their original ideas. Here is a good example of how a helped the artist and songwriter to improve the production of his song. I also performed the electric guitar, the bass and the drums.
Song by Tony Munoz

The collaborative process

It is great to see the songwriter’s ideas becoming a finished song. My favourite part in this process is creating harmonies  and grooves to support the songs message and give it the right vibe. With different arrangements, the same song can drive the listeners through a very different emotional journey. This is an example of three different creative directions that I showed to the songwriter in the beginning of the production process. I performed all of the instruments based on the same melody provided by the singer / songwriter.
Song “Look what you make me do” by Ellen Kussy

Custom soundtracks that really synch

I am always looking for creative challenges. Creating custom soundtracks for video productions is one of the most exciting things I do at work. The right soundtrack, perfectly synchronized with the scenes, creates an unique engaging experience with your audience. The video that I created for the Joe Louis Bourbon 2020 holiday campaign, is a great example of it. I created the video, composed the song, performed all of the instruments.   

one-click-clearence synchronization license

Finding the right soundtrack for your projects and secure its license may be a daunting process. Often times, creators have to choose between easy-clearing overexposed songs from stock music libraries or expensive and complicated licensing deals.

Enough hassle! The perfect songs for your next projects may be one click away. Find below a list of my original compositions that are ready for immediate licensing. Fixed affordable price for unlimited usage on social media.

Choose a song, purchase your license, and download your cleared file right away.


A smart branding project plays a strategic role for any business. It goes far beyond aesthetical choices and colour standards. It is about storytelling. What are your brand standards (or the lack of) saying about your organization?

I am so proud of being responsible for the branding project that brought the “Champion” back to the USA market. 

“Champion of Them All” is a straight bourbon first released in 1952 by the world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis. For us, this was way beyond the comeback of an American spirit. It was about the comeback of the legacy of an American hero.

Joe Louis was one of modern history’s most celebrated boxing champions. He held the title for 12 years, the longest-reigning world heavyweight champion ever. He stopped his career at his peak to enlist in the U.S. Army to fight World War II. While serving, he performed almost 100 boxing exhibitions for over two million military members to elevate the troops’ morale. He also donated about $100,000 to Army and Navy relief societies.

“Champion of them all” was relaunched in 2020 to inspire a new generation of champions, and it supports athletes through sponsorship partnership with USA Boxing and the Golden Gloves.

Click on the red dots to discover project details. Visit joelouisspirits.com to find out more, and let me know what you think about the website I made for this heavyweight brand.

Facilities signage with 3d mockups

More branding examples

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Tamper Proof Seal

Vintage style tamper proof seal wrapped in a modern transparent sealer. Safe and stylish. The seal features the JLD (Joe Louis Distilling Company) logo, which was inspired by the fonts used on the original bottle created in 1952. 

Hang Tag

The small booklet attached to the bottle neck tells a brief story about how Joe Louis started his career competing in the amateur boxing leagues and explains how the company supports the USA Boxing and the Golden Gloves.    

There is History Inside This Bottle

From the front of the bottle we can see an illustration of a historical moment on the internal side of the back label. It is an image of a multiracial crown supporting Joe Louis during one of the many exhibition fights he fought to increase the morale of the USA Armed Forces during the World War II. 

Joe's Back

The back label describes the juice inside the bottle, and the legacy of Joe Louis, one of modern history’s most celebrated world heavyweight champions. The JLD (Joe Louis Distilling Company) logo was inspired by the fonts used on the original bottle released in 1952.

Facing Joe

The front label features an illustration of Joe Louis in his classic fighting stance. It looks like Joe Louis is looking into the consumer’s eyes. The label is diecut. Therefore, the consumer can see the crowd behind Joe Louis. The distortion caused by the liquid and the glass helps to create a 3d immersive  scene. 

Details Make Perfection

Fonts and aesthetic elements were  inspired by Joe Louis’s fights promotional material and by the finest contemporary design trends. Special finishing on selected elements like emboss, glossy spot, and silver foil give this bottle a premium feel and make it pop from the shelves.